How to Begin the St. Louis Short Sales Process


Once upon a time, foreclosure was something people  really only faced if they fell unexpectedly ill,  wound up facing divorce, or found themselves face to face with some other huge life tragedy. However, these days unemployment  or general financial hardship is finding more and more St. Louis area people having to give up their homes […]


Forgiveness of Debt is Generally Taxable

Forgiveness of Debt is Generally Taxable KBA-04576-L8T0C5 Question Seller’s Agent assisted Seller with a short sale about a year ago. Seller owed Lender $190,000 on the mortgage, but Lender approved a sale at $160,000. Lender has recently sent Seller an IRS form 1099-C, stating that (s)he owes taxes on the $30,000 difference in price between […]


Alternative To HAMP – Short Sale

Short Sale: A Great Alternative to the Home Affordable Modification Program Purchasing a property is probably the biggest investment an individual or family will ever make. Therefore, if you have lost your job, or are facing financial struggles that are making you miss mortgage payments, you have likely looked for options on how to save […]