How to Begin the St. Louis Short Sales Process

Once upon a time, foreclosure was something people  really only faced if they fell unexpectedly ill,  wound up facing divorce, or found themselves face to face with some other huge life tragedy. However, these days unemployment  or general financial hardship is finding more and more St. Louis area people having to give up their homes and downsize. That’s why the concept of the short sale is becoming a popular option for people in this situation. […] Read more »

April Is Earthquake Preparedness Month

April is Earthquake Preparedness Month. Be Prepared. Earthquakes can occur throughout the United States including the Midwest. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the costs of damage to real estate from earthquakes is approximately $4.4 billion a year. The statistics about earthquake activity recorded by the U.S. Geological Survey shows that the United States experiences over 2000 earthquakes every year. Earthquake preparedness is important for everyone, including residents of St. Louis. Geologists predict […] Read more »

Choosing A Qualified Lender for Your New Home

Choosing a Qualified Lender in Saint Louis, Mo. Home buyers are bombarded with commercials and online offers from mortgage lenders. Each one promises to have the best interest rates and lowest costs. Obviously, every lender that claims to offer the best mortgage in St. Louis can’t be telling the truth. How can Saint Louis home buyers know which lender they should use? Many people don’t realize that asking their Realtor for insight on lenders should […] Read more »

Mortgage Relief Clock Ticking Away

By Dina ElBoghdady, Published: From The Washington Post Five years after the federal government bailed out more than 1 million struggling homeowners, many who got the relief may end up losing their homes after all. Already, nearly 30 percent of those who qualified for relief have defaulted again. And roughly 800,000 borrowers who remain enrolled in the government’s flagship program will see their mortgage interest rates gradually rise starting this year — eventually increasing payments […] Read more »