How to Begin the St. Louis Short Sales Process

Once upon a time, foreclosure was something people  really only faced if they fell unexpectedly ill,  wound up facing divorce, or found themselves face to face with some other huge life tragedy. However, these days unemployment  or general financial hardship is finding more and more St. Louis area people having to give up their homes and downsize. That’s why the concept of the short sale is becoming a popular option for people in this situation. […] Read more »

Saint Louis Foreclosure Market Echos National Trends

Saint Louis Foreclosed Home Market Echoes National Trend If you’ve been following foreclosure news, you already suspect that cashing in on foreclosed home opportunities in Saint Louis must be getting more difficult. According to CoreLogic’s Insights report at the end of last month, foreclosure inventory across the nation had dropped 35% from a year earlier. Whenever the number of available bank-owned homes shrinks, the tighter market produces some predictable results: the best deals are usually […] Read more »

3 Keys To Negotiating A Home Purchase

Things to Keep In Mind When Negotiating a Home Purchase Negotiating tactics. It’s a topic that business authors adore. This is perennial best-seller territory…so much so, you could probably fill a moderate-sized home library with titles like The Art of the Deal and Getting to Yes. When it comes to negotiating a home purchase in the St. Louis area, fine-tuning your offer—finding the balance between writing a winning offer and writing the most advantageous offer—can […] Read more »

Listing Your House After It’s Been On The Market

Listing Your Arnold, MO House after It’s Been on the Market Listing your house in Arnold, Missouri anew after it’s lingered on the market for a while can bring surprisingly quick success…with the right tactics. The truth is, if a home hasn’t sold in today’s market, there is usually an identifiable reason. Here are some tips that can reverse what happened when listing your house the first time failed to strike pay dirt: • Compare […] Read more »